About the Band

Jenna Jefferson has come into her own, being touted as one of the best singer/songwriters to spring out of the South in decades. When coupling herself to some of Knoxville, Tennessee’s prestige musicians and old friends, the collaboration led to an album that swerved from traditional blues and became a body of work that was undeniably infused with the edge of southern rock, gritty soul of Detroit, foot-stomping of the Delta and spiritual vibe of the Deep South.

Jenna and Her Cool Friends Photo

Michael “Crawdaddy” Crawley, a Detroit native, has been described as John Popper ( Blues Traveler), Sonny Terry and Little Walter, all perfectly conjoined to a harmonica style that rocketed him to being dubbed the “ Trop Rock Artist of the Year”, 2013. His sound is haunting and almost impossible to follow note for note simply due to his impeccable skills and taste. “Street Walkin’ Love” was penned and composed by Crawdaddy.

Lead guitarist, Michael Jordan started playing guitar at the age of 16 in New York City. Introduced to the blues early, his influences include Bloomfield, Hendrix, Santana and Eric Clapton. Michael has been an active member of the Knoxville music scene for decades with his distinct, soulful sound.

Self-taught at the age of three, bassist, Glyn Loyd found his roots in gospel music, performing with renown artists such as Walter Hawkins, The Winans, Fred Hammond and Mary, Mary. Although gospel was the impetus into the world of music, his love of soul, jazz and R&B has propelled his musical career and allowed him to venture into album production.

Keith Ford, after a 15 year hiatus, returned to the stage and lends the essential rhythmic sounds of the acoustic guitar. Collaboration with Jenna resulted in “Table For One”, “I’m What You Get”, “No More” and “Change In Me”. His on-stage infectious smile and intensity further promotes the lauded energy of this band.

Keyboardist, Ben Maney drifts somewhere between Earth and Sky. He has the powerhouse chops of a bluesman but mingles this with ragtime, jazz, swing and alternative styles, producing an original sound reminiscent of Randy Newman and Ray Charles.

Backbone rhythm and percussion is brought by Kevin Redding, California native with true rock and roll roots. He has been performing professionally since the age of 15, heavily influenced by The Who, Chick Corea, Tower of Power and Buddy Guy.